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In 2007 MHL began providing Prenatal and Children's Chewable Vitamins to humanitarian agencies and non-profit organizations. We manufacture these vitamins the exact specifications & recommended formulas of the WHO & UNICEF. Our Products can be private labeled with the agency's logo and information right on the bottle

These sales led to the creation of an entire Humanitarian division here at MHL. In 2009, we produced hundreds of millions of vitamins and over the counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals that distributed in over a dozen countries on three different continents.

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Our Current Initiatives

The company has been positioning itself for global distribution and has increased efforts marketing their contract manufacturing products and private labeling capabilities internationally in recent years.  Our efforts have been successful and our international humanitarian sales division  is growing rapidly.

MHL has secured alliances with Kirk Humanitarian to distribute our products in Burundi, Central Africa.  We also supply Direct Relief products that are distributed in dozens of countries across the globe.  Kirk & Direct Relief are philanthropic organizations that supplies much needed products like prenatal vitamins, children's and adult vitamins and supplements, Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Tylenol to third world countries that do not have access to simple, basic medical products.  Kirk Humanitarian is presently having MHL contract manufacture most of these products for them.  Their logo is actually printed on every bottle of vitamins and nutritional supplements purchased from Magno-Humphries.  The demand for higher quality products is increasing by the day and our agencies are indicating that their needs are increasing by more than 20% each year.  One of the reasons organizations choose Magno Humphries is our ability to grow our production, when demand increases with relative ease.

MHL produces hundreds of products that are available globally. Our focus in 2009 will be to increase our distribution to charitable foundations and agencies that will help us get our products in the hands of those who truly need them!  Especially agencies focused on helping Women and Children in under developed countries.
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