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Our Services
Fully Integrated Capabilities for Your Private Label Lines

Manufacturing Excellence and Private Labeling - Our custom-designed equipment adheres to more than FDA standards for good manufacturing practices ... it has to meet our specifications first.

Quality Assurance - Magno-Humphries scrutinizes all of its raw materials, drawn from resources worldwide, to ensure that only the purest ingredients are used. Quality control extends througout the process for optimum consistency in every batch.

Shipping and Warehousing - Magno-Humphries Laboratories is designed to make it easy for you to initiate, market and maintain a successful private label line of nutritional supplements and OTCs.

We strive for a rapid four-week lead time for manufacturing, the fastest possible turnaround to avoid out-of-stock situations, strong backing on expiration dating, and other customer satisfaction commitments that have given Magno-Humphries a 98% service level rating; among the highest in the industry.

For over 30 years, customers have relied on our specialists in R&D, quality assurance, packaging design and inventory control for end-to-end service and solutions.

Contract Manufacturing & Private Labeling

Complying with the Food and Drug Administration's current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), the Magno-Humphries manufacturing facility, utilizes a full range of blending, tableting and coating equipment to meet the needs of small and large Customers in the production of tablets and capsules. The process is driven by a fully integrated ERP/MRP/CRP computer application beginning with forecasting and tracking the progress through weighing, blending, tableting, coating, packaging and shipment. All manufacturing procedures are performed according to formal written SOP's compliant to cGMP, and are dotted with strategic quality control checks throughout.

Driven by the same applications, SOP's and quality control checks, the packaging processes are designed to accommodate small and large runs in virtually any configuration of bottles, caps, labels, cartons and master shippers.  With many years in the industry, we are familiar with almost ANY type of packaging material or process.

Custom Manufacturing & Private Labeling Options Available. For more information about our Contract Manufacturing please call us at 1-800-935-6737 or click here for our contact details.



Quality Assurance

At Magno-Humphries only the highest quality materials are used in our products. Raw materials from all over the world are procured from pre-qualified sources to ensure consistency. Quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing and packaging process ensure product consistency, batch after batch. All finished products undergo additional testing to guarantee that all specifications have been met. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is used as a basis for all physical testing.

These policies have been a significant factor in establishing one of the best reputations in the industry over the past three decades.


Shipping and Warehousing

Shipping - Driven by the same principles, processes and controls as manufacturing and packaging, the receiving, stocking and distribution of products accommodates the varied needs of both our Vendors and our Customers. Also, our tie-ups with carriers made us able to ship to anywhere in the US and Canada.

Warehousing - A product and materials location system assures control of the inventories and quick response fulfilling Sales orders as well as production orders.

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